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CareRush is multi combined machine with LED and LD . CareRush will safety to help and mange by laser beam directly on the skin,muscle, temporomandibular joint, and scalp. The skin is visibl and invisible to stimulate by lighting so that the purpose of each part the human body pain relief such as wound healing, muscle, temporomandibular joint and so on.



The wavelength of biological treatment laser beam to use in the cells for energy source which is Mitochondrion and the energy storage warehouse ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production so that it will increase energy with skin restoration and not like other laser device, it is Infiltrated only light energy of the low-output non-thermal effects within the skin thus to promote blood circulation, antibacterial action, etc. without side-effects, such as enhanced immune image.
Light Emitting Diode(LED)
Certain wavelength of infrared light that was irradiated from LED penetrates deep inside of skin and will be absorbed into mitochondria of cells, which basically provides reproducing and curing function.
In the meantime, ATP is helpful to relax chronic or acute pain, and it activates the production of endorphin and maximizes the curing effect.
From phototherapy wavelength range, 630 nm ~ 670 nm band is specially called as the red zone, which is known by the precious study as the best curing effect wavelength range.
* For your reference, CareRush is an infrared ray laser irradiating apparatus using 620nm, 660nm of wavelength.
Laser Diode(LD)
HeNe, InGaAIP and GaAlAs laser irradiating apparatuses are the most widely used lasers for dental clinic or cure of wounds, and out of them, GaAlAS laser is most widely used now.
GaAs is the best apparatus for the damages of the deep sections such as joint, spine, waist, large muscles etc. GaAlAs laser is effective for the tendons or muscles on shallow sections. Most of the laser irradiating apparatus has one kind of laser such as GaAlAs but CareRush has both of GaAs and GaAlAs lasers.

CARE RUSH Application

Dental clinical efficaciousness

Periodontitis/ Topical anesthesia/ Bleeding/ Dental caries/ Root treatment/ Tooth extraction/ Gingivitis/ Shingles/ Jawbone fracture/ Leukoplakia/ Mappy tongue/ Wounds on mouth and lips/ Mucositis/ Nausea/ Neural damage/ Edema/ Light toothache/ Periodontal treatment/ Prosthetic treatment/ Secondary forming of dentin/ Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) etc