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COOLION is a miniaturized version of CryoCell, which is supplied to the hospital as equipment for cosmetics and treatment as well as post-care management, is a new concept in personalized composite pain treatment device that can solve simple body pain at home by the user. In particular, it is used widely by athletes who need to visit hospital frequently due to frequent injuries as personalized treatment device.


Effect of COOLION

COOLION can stimulate the muscles and blood vessels by rubbing for a short period of time by freezing the skin over the muscles in the same way as ice massage, and it can promote muscle tone, which can be used for muscle reeducation.

Coolion Application

Medium frequency treatment indications

Pain Control Muscle contraction/muscle relaxation Increase blood flow Edema, hematoma absorption Inflammation relief Promoting wound healing

Improvement of urinary incontinence (promotion of urination)

therapy indications

Acute contusion
Muscle cramp / mescular stiffness
Tachycardia / arrhythmia
Fasciitis / myofascial dysfunction
Sprains, muscle pain
Pain relief
Reduction in bleeding

therapy indications

Increase blood flow
Muscle relaxation
Increase metabolism
Pain relief
Increase tissue viscoelasticity