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It is a wound treatment device that attaches a disposable plasma patch to the treatment area, and it maximizes the effect of wound sterilization and skin regeneration, and can provide secondary infection and protection after treatment.
Disinfection of wounds
Electromagnetic safety
Skin regeneration



Effective for wound healing

Among the active species generated in plasma, ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) is effective for sterilization, and RNS (Reactive Nitrogen Species) is effective for maintaining cellular homeostasis, and sterilization, wound healing, hemostasis, and cell death are possible.

Skin regeneration

When wounds occur, the body produces a protein called collagen, and in the case of deep wounds, many collagen is produced and the wound remains permanently, but PLAMEDICINE’s plasma maintains cellular constancy, maximizing the effect of skin regeneration.

Secondary infection prevention and protection

After using PLAMEDICINE, ROS and RNS are activated in the wound area to prevent and protect secondary serious infections.