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Smart Cool is a personal cosmetic device that can generally be used in average household by having miniaturized the Cryo Stamp supplied to the hospitals into a Home Care device.
improvement of freckles
control pigmentation

skin aging

acne treatment
whitening of skin
lifting effect


SMARTCOOL efficacy

Efficient nutrient penetration to the skin

Equipment for direct injection into the skin of the cosmetics or vitamin effective on the skin without the use of needle
Penetrate from min. 4,000% to max. 10,000%
Compared to conventional treatments, there is little skin irritation or no damage, and the depth and amount of nutrients penetrated into the skin significantly increased.
Available drugs and cosmetics are 40,000 daltons or less
Solution infiltration rate in the range of 80~90%
Penetrance route: pore, sweat gland, intradermal layer
Cosmetics that can be used: All functional cosmetics that use high molecular weight substances (stem cell cosmetics and placenta cosmetics)
Makes the optimal temperature of the skin for cosmetics to penetrate to the dermal layer. (Skin temperature 16~20 degrees)