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It is an equipment that combines ultrasonic wave stimulator (1MHz, 3MHz), medium frequency wave stimulator (4,000Hz), medical warmer (maximum of 40℃), and used for the purpose of alleviation of muscular pain or management of obesity by applying ultrasonic and medium frequency current and heat to the affected area of the human body.


SONO+ efficacy

Effectively penetrates the drug
Promoting blood circulation
Improve metabolism
Effective drug injection, control pain after contusion and sprain
Promoting the healing process

Treatment for topological, cervical vertebral pain, over tension of backbone erector

Effectively stimulates deep tissue

SONO+ Application

Ultrasonic treatment indications

Height increase of soft tissue
Reduction of joint stiffness
Muscle fibrillation and pain relief
Promoting wound healing
Promoting tendon healing
Absorption of calcium deposition
Increasing blood flow
Promotion of inflammation recovery

Frequency treatment indication

Pain control
Muscular contraction
Muscular relaxation
Increasing blood flow
Swelling, hematoma absorption
Inflammation relief
Promoting wound healing
Urinary incontinence (diuretic) improvement


Increasing blood flow
Muscular relaxation
Promoting metabolism
Pain control